Upgraded version of the MLB Evo platform will bring a full range of next-generation Q5 improved, and plug-in hybrid Q5 was added also will make more of a selling point. Recently, foreign media disclosed the latest generation Audi Q5 platform-related information, and a new generation A4 car will be based on the updated version of the same MLB Evo platform to build, vehicle weight will be better controlled. While the new platform will also bring new generation Q5 hybrid. Based on the updated version of the new generation of Q5 MLB Evo platform to build, earlier debut of a new generation and a new generation A4 Q7 will be the product of this platform. And compared to the previous generation MLB platform, an updated version of the MLB Evo platform, the biggest feature is the ability to further reduce vehicle Ford Crankshaft weight, body and chassis structure will be crafted from a variety of materials are mixed, although body size than the current model by large number, but the car than the current model to reduce the weight of at least 100 kg, higher fuel economy to pave the way. And this platform also supports a hybrid system, so also will launch a new generation of Q5 hybrid, and probably is very common plug-in hybrid, energy performance and usability performance are more Aspect. Conventional power section, and updating Q5 will share with the new generation A4, will still hit 2.0TFSI + DSG combination of power and increase ACT cylinder passivation techniques to further enhance the engines fuel economy. Because the positioning movement of new Q6 coupe SUV will come out, so the location, and updating Q5 is still a traditional practicality SUV. In appearance, into the new generation of Audis latest design language Q5 isuzu turbocharger more Aspect, compared to the current model plump, sleek design, and updating Q5 through clear lines to show a tough style. It is worth noting that the first application facelift A8 body of matrix LED headlights also updating Q5 is expected to be introduced, which will further enhance the appearance of the new generation Q5 sense of technology.