Concrete Placing Machine Categories

Manual concrete placing boom (boom) Introduction

Concrete fabric is to expand the scope of concrete pouring, raise the level of pumping construction mechanization and developed new products. It is a concrete pump equipment, and concrete pump connection, expanding the scope of concrete pumping. Effective solution to the problem of the wall cast cloth, to improve construction efficiency, reduce labor intensity, played an important role. This fabric machine design is reasonable, stable and reliable structure, the use of 360 ° full swing arm frame fabric structure, easy machine operation, Mobile concrete mixing plants for sale in Germany rotating flexible, high efficiency, energy saving, economical, and practical features.

Stationary concrete placing machine:

specifically for the construction of railway beam field, nuclear power and other design and production of special fabric concrete pouring equipment; mobile concrete placing boom "Z" shaped three-section folding arm, 360 ° rotation, to show off the pitch and amplitude to achieve three-dimensional space in a full-length boom casting, casting no dead ends, can easily achieve the walls, all kinds of construction work pouring concrete pipe, columns, piles; internal climbing concrete placing boom Tall Buildings Concrete cloth equipment. Ship-mounted concrete fabric is harbor construction, port and other design and production of special equipment onboard cloth.

Artificial stone spreader

Artificial stone artificial fabrics machine is especially manufacturing granite stone plate artificial quartz stone production. Fabric provides a novel method of artificial stone, wherein: the artificial stone material previously loaded into the preload for the network will also shape the barrel drum, then rotating drum or cylinder is rotated and moved, the material from the cell in uniformly scattered down, dispersed on or wins in the mold cavity surgery belts, enabling the fabric process.

Fabric Machine Design

Fabric machine patented head cleaning tape machine is a special cleaning requirements for the delivery of concrete mortar design. Blade with carbide material, rectangular section surface, wear and do not hurt the tape, small mortar loss. Feeding belt conveyor design articulated structure by two light truss, hinged on the upper end of the hopper turn on the frame by a hinge to adjust the angle of the cylinder between two truss under; in the lower part of the belt conveyor, universal design wheel, driven by the cylinder to move axially along the truss, height adjustable tape tail. This design makes the cloth machine can be the root Self Loading portable concrete mixer from china of this design fabric machine when walking so walking may need to drag the material at the end of the tape machine running without dismantling the feeding belt conveyor to drag at the tail walking without disassembly, or on feeding belt conveyor pack walk on the cloth tape machine. Feeding belt conveyor to complete the pack or remove themselves from the fabric machine, without the use of cranes and other auxiliary equipment. Four nestable telescopic lattice truss cloth tape machine fabric tape machine is designed as a single scalable (multi-section) four telescopically truss tape machine, the rope linkage telescopic friction wheel drive, eccentric guide slide Road. By redirecting multilayer tape around the drum, with nestable when stretching the length of the truss can automatically change around the stack length to the total length of the tape remain unchanged; eccentric slide ensures accurate alignment when telescoping truss. Imported cloth machine (belt conveyer) is a heavy-duty trucks chassis or off-road tires for crane chassis. The fabric machine patent for the use of self-propelled crawler vehicle chassis, forming the structure hinged type feeding belt conveyor + + telescopic crawler chassis fabric tape machines for domestic initiative. This innovative design fabric belt machine to create a pathway localization is the main fabric machine patent-protected content. This design is mainly based on two considerations: First, there is no domestic large off-road tires crane products, the production of tires chassis fabric machine (belt conveyer) is not possible, and the country has a mature 50 ~ 80t crawler chassis; two crawler chassis job stability, fabric machine in the slope is less than 4 ° floor, no additional leg can be put to work immediately, good mobility.


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